Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located in the north of Thailand, on the highest mountains of the country. It’s a capital of the Chiang Mai Province. It was once the capital of the Kingdom Lanna, and the tributary Kingdom of Chiang Mai. 

Chiang Mai means New City as it was a new capital in 1296 and overtook Chiang Rai. Over the past few years, Chiang Mai has modernised a lot and has 5 million visitors every year. 

Chiang Mai is a hot city with a dry climate, however, during night time and dry seasons it can be pretty cool.

Chiang Mai has a variety of Thai Festivals. For example, there is Loi Krathong, which is known locally as Yi Peng. It is held on the full moon on the 12th month of the Thai Lunar Calendar. Hot-air balloons are set launched into the sky to worship the Goddess of Water.

The locals speak Kham Muang, but English is used in hotels and travel-related business. And many educated people there speak English.  There is also Khantoke dinner which is an old Lanna Thai Tradition in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai has faced a problem of air pollution since 1996.

Yupparaj Wittalayai

The Yupparaj Wittalayai School is the first government school in Chiang Mai. The land for the school was donated by Her Royal Highness Princess Jao Dararasamee and Prince Intarawarorot Suriyawong, former rulers of Chiang Mai. It is situated in the center of the old town in Chiang Mai. The school has modern facilities such as library, scientific labs and computer labs, and all classes are equipped with air-cons, LCD projector, screen and audio system.

Reclining Buddha

The reclining Buddha or Pha Buddasaiyat facing the Grand Pagoda is an old Buddha statue of gilded brick and plaster, believed to have been created during the reign of King Phra Muang Kaeo (1487 - 1517), the eleventh monarch of the Mang Rai Dynasty. The head of the reclining Buddha statue is orientated towards the south and faces the ancient Grand Pagoda. The reclining Buddha measuring almost 9m long and 2m high is housed in an open sided pavilion built under the supervision of the Venerable Phra Buddhisophon the abbot in 1955.

The feet of the statue may be bolstered by a pillow. The reclining buddha is potrayed almost as a standing image tipping over to the right side. The statue is said to represent sleeping, resting or discoursing Buddha.

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